Hi there, my name is Jenn.  Thank you for visiting my site! Let me just tell you a little bit about myself; I promise I will be brief.


As a young girl, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up but I knew I wanted to create!  


My mother kept my imagination busy with dance classes, arts & crafts, baking, and pretend play.  My father’s hobby was creating and building handmade & wooden items for use in our home, or just for play.  I watched him intently and absorbed every detail. 

​As Tim Burton said: "Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child."

As I grew older, my love for fashion, home décor, and handmade crafting naturally became my niche.  I have 20 years marketing experience, and for the past 5 or so years, I have hand-crafted home décor goods, and have been fortunate to be able to parlay that into designing & creating unforgettable themes for small-to-moderate sized weddings for a handful of the most wonderful couples.


I love taking my creativity and hobbies to a new level...taking ideas and bringing them to life is very exciting and rewarding.


So why photography?  Well, I’ve always loved photography; who doesn't, right?!  I have always appreciated and envied those who are able to capture beautiful, fun, unique, and precious moments in someone's life.


The photography itch to learn more hadn’t fully exposed itself until a few years ago when my husband and I welcomed our beautiful twin daughters on Christmas Day.  As most parents do, I love taking photos of my little ones any chance I get.  The more I clicked my camera, the more my passion for photography “developed”! 


To further my skills and enhance my already creative eye, I have been photographing members of my family, which has been so much fun and such a fabulous experience.  I love photographing outdoors, using natural light; it's beautiful and each session is one of a kind.  I always look forward to learning more with each future session, and also to meeting new faces - capturing their moments in time, and giving them the gift of memories to cherish forever. 

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